Why you need a hacker

Why You Should Hire Hackers

Like most people, you probably see hacking as a situation where people do some secret deeds to get access to information or get revenge.  While some hackers, called black hat hackers, still engage in such acts, there has been a rise in the number of hackers who do the right things; transparent about it and get paid for it.  The latter are called ethical hackers, and they have been used across diverse industries and businesses.

A hacker can find its expertise useful in many businesses and organization, including cybersecurity.  According to Jeff Schilling – Armor Company Chief Security Officer – there is a shortage of personnel – including hackers – up to a million in the cybersecurity field.  This is unexpected, considering how enticing the field is for individuals interested in getting into an in-demand career.  Most institutions now train students and individuals in the act of hacking to alleviate this great demand in human resources significantly.  

There are several reasons to secure the services of a hacker, and these will be identified and discuss below:

Hackers spot vulnerabilities in time.

Hackers can conduct what is known as a “pen test” or penetration test, to check how tight it is to gain access to secured networks, and in turn, address the identified weak points. With hackers, you have on the inside people who can think the same way hackers do.  Hence, you can stay ahead of the dark hackers and block loopholes before they find and exploit them.

Hackers save brands and companies from bad press.

A potential security-related problem is not something a top company can keep away intentionally; even when they do, they get called out by their competitors.  The best solution is not to let them surface at all.  By hiring ethical hackers (or security researchers), a company can identify and expose internet-wide security problems.  This is more important for businesses with strong online presence and must do anything to stay private about those shortcomings.

Safeguarding customer data.

Data breaches are not new; virtually every company experiences it in varying degrees.  Preventing data breaches needs proactive measures, such as employing ethical hackers to try and compromise new features by acting as if they were illegal hackers looking to steal customers’ details.  Such partnership is more common among ethical hackers and banks.  Brands in the banking industry are starting to capitalize on hiring cybersecurity experts to safeguard customer data.

Hacking is crucial to the cloud computing sector.

There has been tremendous growth in the cloud computing industry, and this comes with an increase in demand for individuals knowledgeable about ethical hacking.  Considering how much information and data is saved in the cloud, they are top targets for dark hackers. A malicious attack adversely affecting the onsite data of a company is terrible, but a cloud infiltration is much worse.  With a hacker in the picture, however, you can secure these facilities even before attacks that might compromise organizational integrity, wreaking havoc on long-time reputations.

Summarily, other reasons why you should hire a hacker include:

• To build and manage a computer system that prevents hackers’ access and safeguard system and information from malicious attack
• To maintain adequate preventive measures that will prevent security breaches
• To protect user or customer information available in business transactions and visits
• To test networks at regular intervals
• To create security awareness at all levels in a business

The costs involved with security testing differ across different businesses.  While businesses with larger user database might pay higher for information security.  Hackers are conversant with such tasks as checking of firewalls, servers, IP addresses, and even though they charge for their expertise on these, it is a justifiable investment compared to the loses cyber-attacks can incur.  You can either hire in-house ethical hackers or go for ethical hacking firms to protect your system and network.  

Hackers remain crucial to the wellbeing of businesses, and more of these in-demand professionals are hired by the day.  

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