Unfortunately our scammers list grows everyday. I hope my work to gather all the info is useful . Please, if you seen a email listed on the scammers page stop comunicating with the scammer immediately. 

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  • If the hacker you want to hire is on this scammers list then you shouldnt hire him. 

This is an email received from a victim. A woman was ripped off by some bastards. We know that names might not be real but the story is real. The woman has receipts and everything so watch out with those bastards

1. Nick Reed sent $1,300 by Walmart to Walmart money to a Charles Ray Nix JR on 12/12/17. Sent the money, never heard a word from him after repeatedly emailing him.

2. Todd Lviv Sent $500 by Walmart to Walmart money to Perry Williams Gary, In 46401 reference # 771163561 on 12/17/17. Then he wanted $400 more. I said no and he was extremely threatening to me and said all these horrible things he was going to ruin my life.

3. Hacker emailed me but then wanted me to talk to them on WhatsApp under phone numbers 929-297-6903 and 951-223-8255. Sent $1,100.00 western union on 12/22/2017 ref # 991-730-5349 and then $1,280 on 1/4/2018 ref # 181-348-7000 to the name Volodymyr Hrytsiv or Natalia Korneliuk in Poland. They were supposdely selling me some kind of an account that had $42,000 on it. Never got it. Wanted another $1280. I knew I was never going to get it.

4. Then there was or 848-467-8415 sent him $680.00 to Daniel Miller with money gram reference # 54251157on 12/7/17 and then $300 more money gram on 12/11/17 to Arewa Soloman Nigeria ref # 15724119. Got nothing.

5. Brayan Santiago 865-213-5456 sent by western union ref 3 565-688-3737. Sent $600 to Brayan Santiago Cordoba Marin in Columbia. Supposedly he was apprehended by the authorities for hacking and his “friend” who referred me contacted me and told me this guy was almost done helping me but got caught and could not help anymore.

6. Cybergeek 615-988-5703 Sent him $700 in itunes gift cards. Then changed to phone number 615-592-0053. Got nothing but promises.

7. contact was via text under phone numbers 912-452-1364 and 513-453-6539. Sent $500 to Money gram ref # 54673443 on 2/14/18 to Kimberly Watson. Was doing all they could to help me but them all of a sudden needed $860.00 more I did not send anymore. I had no money at this point. They wanted me to buy them tow i phone X’s and send to them to convert to bitcoin she said. I did not.

8. Worst talked with me on Wikr app under number 702-602-3433. This one was the worst. I sent him $4,800 via paypal to a Andrew Smith at email on 12/29/17. This is where it all really went wrong. He logged into ALL my credit card accounts and made payments in full on my credit cards made me get i tunes and amazon gift cards and send him pictures of them so he could convert to bitcoins. But then ALL the payments came back returned on my accounts now causing me to go way way over my limit. then he logged back to make payments in full again wanting me to go buy more cards but this time the credit cards would not allow any purchases until the payments would  clear but they all got returned as not authorized payments so then the credit card companies closed them or lowered the limits so low. He kept trying to get me to send more and more money but he got me for almost $9,000 in gift cards that are now on my cards that i have to pay back. And now all mt credit cards are all closed.

9. Another one promised to help. I gave them $200 in itunes cards. Again ended up making bogus payments on my credit cards only to be returned. email was He said they came back because I didn’t give him enough money to buy tools and he didn’t have much to work with to make sure the payment didn’t come back.He keeps emailing me and wants me to let his boss somebody in China do all the work now and get this done. He then deposited a check for $4300 into my account and wanted me to withdraw it right away and send to his boss to help work on my debt. This deposit was returned on my checking account. I did not take the money out as I knew it was not going to happen.

10. This one I paid them via money gram. I gave them the details on everything I OWED, Business and personal. Gave me some line that they put it all in their system at once to get all the debt cleared. They had me contact another person who sold the tools and I have get 4 sets of these premium tools from by money gram to the name Philip Jones. then I would send them to the person/people clearing the debt at Well then the excuse now that it can’t be done is that they themselves have been hacked and have to pay to get the info back. So they asked me to buy a recovery tool again from this hot guy and I forwarded it to them and then they said it will be all OK and it will be done this time. And then again silence they won’t answer any of my messages nothing got done even though I begged them to please tell me something. Here was their website. //

11. Then was going to to do a bank transfer of 400k. I put 1850 into an escrow account thinking I was safe. Nothing was transferred and he emailed back saying he had hacked into the escrow account and sent it to himself admitting he scammed me.

12. This one talked to me on discord and email at He was going to send me about 1.5 m worth of bitcoin from a dead account. He said I had to buy a server. I sent him $4500. He said he did the transfer but when it obviously did not show up in my coinbase account, he said it was my account that was the problem. It was bad and gave me all kinds of excuses. Then wanted me to buy another server.

13. Next one communicated via text mostly 650-318-1627. Had me send $850 via paypal to at Then had me file a dispute claim the next day and then had me cancel the dispute a few days later. Then also had me send about $350 in gift cards to buy tools. Its always to buy tools and spyware. Promised to clear the debts in a few days but then always came back wanting more cards. Never did anything. I tried to file a claim with paypal to get my $850 back and they denied my claim and would not refund my money

14. On July 20th I received a text from 301-658-3164 from some claims department that wanted to reimburse me $85,000 because one of these rippers was arrested and they were trying to get me some money back. They wanted me to give them a list of who I worked with. I basicallt told them they were full of shit and ignored them

15. 682-498-3075 was a number I was given to communicate with and was to purchase high limit credit cards to do a bank transfer. I purchsed one for $500 and sent them $500 in I tunes cards. But then they said that the exchanger said one of the cards had already been redeemed so I had to buy another $100 card to get this card. They then sent me details on this high limit card. i sent it to the hacker at That one said they were going to work on it. Then came back and said it was not able to work with because it was a debt card to go buy another high limit card which I did. I sent 682-498-3075 another $500 but now two of those cards were supposed bad and had to send two more cards which I did. He gave me the high limit credit card. I gave it to reliablehacker. then he came back and said that he needed a cracker tool to hack this persons gmail account to avoid her getting a a bank notification email of the transfer. I contacted the number 682-

498-3075 again and sent another $500 in cards to pay for this cracker. AGAIN he sent back a text that 2 cards were bad again. Like a fool I got two more cards to get this damn cracker. When I did not hear from him in two days he sends a text saying he sent it to me and wouldn’t text me back or resend me this cracker.

16. Next one 415-529-5282 and email was going to clear everything in a day or two. I had to send $600 in cards. I did. In about 6 hours they text back saying that they needed spyware now to immediately send $400 more that they had the “portal” open and that they needed to do something quick or it would get real bad. I had to send them $500 in cards the next day. They promised to get working on it now. Then they came back the next day with some BS excuse that there have been holds placed on my accounts and needed more spyware that it was not enough. they needed $200 more I did but then came back and said one of the cards was already redeemed to send another. Obviously I got scammed again.

17. Next one was text communication 951-525-1422. I believe the email is At first he wanted me to send it western union to David Victory, 8350 Roswell, Atlanta GA, 30350. after a few days I told him I could not use western union anymore. Had me wire $1500 to account TJ ManiaInc, Capital one Bank acct # 7528772417 rt # 065000090 with phone number 718-783-3401. I did then supposedly stated working. Wanted me to fill out some application I had to email who worked at Unicorn Financial Services I did this. I was sent an application that asked me everything personal. Hair color weight anything they would need. I stopped responding but Shortly after I did not reply I got the assasination email from The next day 951-525-1422 told me I should be careful because these banks would put a hit out on me. Obviously he sent the email to scare me. They wanted more money to start working but I just dragged them along. They wanted access to my verizon Post paid account to order 5 Ipone X’s and pay for them using DDOS attack and they would load some kind of software for paypal to earn money.

A — pretends to solve 1800+ jobs with 8000+ clients…. what a joke





ABCD and E are well known persons and actually they are only one person. We try to find out who they are and surprise… the list goes on with more hackers that are actually scammer.

As for now we found out they are based in india and pakistan.





Now what about all those scammers are just one person or a group? Stay tuned. We will find out soon. We will also post theyr websites here.

16 november  2018 list has been updated and scammers just another scammer scammer scammer



JAMESSCOTTHACKER@GMAIL.COM scammer scammer scammer scammer


Procyberhack@Gmail.Com scammer

Latest scammer added



jeajamhacker@gmail. com





23 november 2018 we got this email from a person called Lana.This is how her email sounds like Watch out. 

From: Lana -> smart scammer, he talks a lot about how many jobs he has. He will show “video proof” which is him sending a video of going on the profile picture and it shows “change picture” which anyone with a fake account can easily create. Then the password would suddenly not work so he will have to start over, for which he will need a lot of “one time only” tools you of course have to pay for with no results. In the end he threaten to send me malware and destroy my computer. Which is bullshit, since I don’t think he can even hack anything or knows how a malware works.> He will also need an extra tool for 350$ after the first password didn’t work. Then he says he can refund the 30% downpayment, but never does. -> He was something else 😀 He showed me “proof” which contained picture of the facebook profile with bad photoshop. After I refused to pay him for that, he got very angry. Blocked him. 

We also want to anounce that we logged important informations of the indians and nigerians hackers. 

New scammers added

harvokhackers454 also using